Neither. Guard Hill is registered as a Homeowners Association. Each unit is considered to be an individual home residing on a common property, administered by the Association and its Board of Directors.
Not officially. The exception would be to those vendors that the HOA has under contract for specific services (i.e., extermination of pests, landscaping, or painting). Your neighbors are a great resource, since some have probably already had similar work done. Ask them who they used and if they were pleased with the work.
Not unless the work includes additional windows, load-bearing wall, or other structural or through–the–wall applications. Permission is required to place dumpsters on the property, and all vendors are required to remove construction debris without using our shed-enclosed dumpsters. All vendors are required to be licensed and insured.
Emergency requests should go directly to Barhite & Holzinger, the property manager, at 914-337-1312, by fax at 914-793-3364, or by e-mail at [email protected]. All other official communication with the BOD must be in writing addressed to Guard Hill HOA BOD c/o Barhite & Holzinger via US Postal Service at 71 Pondfield Road, Bronxville, NY 10708, faxed or e-mailed. Please no handwritten notes.
Yes. The BOD must be contacted at least 30–60 days prior to the planned event. All signs (including tape and staples) must be promptly removed afterwards. Homeowners conducting the sales are responsible for any damage caused by cars parking on lawns. Please see the Rules & Regulations for more information.
Yes, though there are limits. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations for specifics. Dog owners are specifically held responsible to be in control of their pet at all times. It is the owner’s responsibility to leash dogs on walks, remove, and properly dispose of waste material, and not use decks as exterior kennels for extended periods.
No. The unit owner is responsible for proper care and maintenance of their planting bed. Shrubs, bushes, and trees are periodically pruned and trimmed; and dead or damaged ones are removed by the landscaping staff to maintain aesthetic continuity on the property. In–kind replacements are permissible and the responsibility of the unit owner. The BOD must be advised if you are considering a replanting. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations. 
Yes, however the location of the dish is strictly designated to certain areas. All installations must be approved by the BOD prior to scheduling. Approval procedures and applications are outlined in the Rules and Regulations.
The Town/Village of Mount Kisco picks up glass, metal, and certain plastics on Tuesday from the blue tubs placed in front of each unit by the owner. Paper and cardboard are picked up on Wednesdays by the dumpster sheds. Recycling may be staged the night before scheduled pick–ups. Bulk items and equipment like computers, washing machines, etc. are collected by special appointment or on bulk pick–up days. Please click on the Town’s link under the “Contact Us” tab or call the Department of Public Works. at 914-666-8193 for additional information. DO NOT PLACE THESE ITEMS IN THE SHED OR DUMPSTERS. Improper shed storage, dumping, or improper disposal of any kind by vendors or owners may result in fines to the owners.
The HOA has a contract to eliminate wasps, carpenter ants, wood bees, and other pests that may cause structural damage to the units. Removal of common pests, such as ants, silverfish, fleas, etc. is the responsibility of the individual unit owner. Owners may contact J.P. McHale Monday to Friday at 800-479-2284.